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Apple Leather: Where Can I Buy It Today?

A few months ago, we talked about apple leather’s origins and how sustainable the product is. Since then, we’ve had a few questions about where you can find Apple leather. We put together a list of our favorite vegan brands using apple leather right now.  

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather is an edgy alternative leather shoe brand that hails from Pairs. It’s beloved by celebs like Emma Watson and has been featured in Vouge. Their most famous for the boots that are handmade in Italy. Good Guys started in 2011 and is the brainchild of Marion Hanania. Prior to starting the brand, Marion worked with several famous Parisian designer brands like Isabel Marant and Dévastée. 

Veerah  is a New York brand that makes sexy and designer quality shoes for women. In 2016, Stacey Chang set out to make shoes that were sustainable, ethically made and beautifully designed. This is a women owned brand I think any shoe lover can get behind. You can find anything from Mary Janes, everyday office flats and tailored heels. Although each pair looks good enough to eat, they are not edible!

Lastly, Nuuwaï is a German brand by founder Svenja Detto. The apple leather bags by nuuwaï are  an upcycled product from processed apple waste, mixed with recycled plastic waste to create a water-repellent and durable material for the bags. Even the bag's lining is made from recycled polyester, 100% of which is sourced from plastic waste is fished out of the ocean. 


Nuuwaï has arrived at the Smart Minimalist! Canadian fans of the brand will no longer have to visit Germany to get their hip bag. The Smart Minimalist will allow you to purchase this brand locally! 

What do you think? Will you be trying apple leather soon? What do you think about the look of apple leather and are you surprised by the fashion available with it? 

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