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Shopping PreLoved: A Minimalists Quick Guide

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This month on the blog we are sharing a minimalist's quick guide to shopping secondhand. The best part? These tips work for both virtual and in store.

Here are three tips to shopping secondhand:

1) Check Often:
Designer resale shops get items daily and the good stuff goes fast! Check your favorite spot often and engage the staff. They can call you when and item your looking for comes in.

3) Check The Material:
Fashion that is made to last, will be loved for years to come. Look out for durable fabrics like linen, denim, wool and 100% cotton.
If you want to look expensive, keep en eye out for cashmere and silk fabrics.

3) Items With Life:
Make sure you inspect for wear and tear. A missing button or broken zipper can be replaced but stains and fabric snags on dress are a little tougher to hide. Pro tip: Don't shop on your phone. Get a bigger screen like a computer or a tablet. You should be able to zoom in and look at the detail of the 
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