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What is PVD jewelry? And can you wear it in the shower?

PVD (aka Physical Vapor Deposition). It's the science-y stuff that makes your jewelry seriously durable. Think of it as a super-strong shield for that gold, rose gold, or even black finish you love. And get this – it's way better for the planet than old-school gold plating.

Benefits & Advantages of PVD 

    • Your fave jewelry, but made to last. We're talking scratch-resistant, waterproof, ready for anything your life throws its way. No more fading or flaking like with traditional gold plating.

    • Long-term love affair. PVD keeps your pieces looking gorgeous for years (we're talking serious commitment here). That means less waste and a happier planet. I've had my rose gold herringbone necklace for 5 years and it's been though some Canadian lakes! 
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      How is it Eco-Friendly? 

        • Ditching the bad stuff. Traditional gold plating means nasty chemicals (think cyanide...yikes!). PVD is way kinder – no toxic waste, no harm to people or planet. Traditional gold plating uses harsh chemicals that can pollute waterways and harm ecosystems.

        • Built to last, not to pollute. PVD makes your jewelry last longer. This means less stuff ending up in landfills and less need for the wasteful re-plating process.

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          Better Value 

          Get that luxe look, minus the sticker shock:

          • Gold gets pricey: We all love gold, but it comes with a hefty price tag. That's where PVD comes in as your budget's BFF.

          • Smart beauty: PVD lets us bond gorgeous 18k gold (or other finishes) to strong, less expensive metals. That means amazing jewelry without breaking the bank.

          • Long-term wins: Remember how durable PVD is? Your pieces stay beautiful for ages, saving you from replacing faded jewelry.

                TLDR; You get the look and feel of gold, without the price tag! 

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                So can you wear it in the shower? 

                • Your PVD jewelry is tough! Water and everyday wear won't make it fade quickly.

                • Best practice? Take it off before showering. Think of it like a mini spa day for your jewelry. This maximizes its shine and longevity.

                    Bottom Line: PVD IS the smart upgrade for your jewelry box. PVD: The smarter choice for your jewelry box. It's incredibly durable, eco-friendly, and gives you the luxe look you love – for less.

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                    Durable. Ethical. Affordable. PVD is the clear winner for everyday jewelry that makes a statement.


                    You can shop Canadian made PVD pieces here at the Smart Minimalist. Experience a conscious shopping journey with The Smart Minimalist's collection of Canadian-crafted PVD jewelry.


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